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Happy Anniversary!

I started blogging exactly 4 years back My first post.

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My other blog

My old blog actually.

Did you know that I blogged at www.ThoughtfulChaos.com for a year and a half before moving here?

I skimmed through all the blogs on my old blog and picked out my favourite ones. Hey… I am not that bad a blogger after all. I have listed my favourite below in chronological order and grouped by topic. Enjoy!

Family, Friends and Loved ones

The nomad that I am (Pune, Delhi and Mumbai)



  • Bye Dumbledore – *sniff* *sniff* Only the second time ever that I felt very very sad on reading a book. First time was when Sherlock Holmes (supposedly) falls into the Reichenbach Falls.
  • Dumbledore _might_ not be dead – There is still hope!

Meta (blogging about blogging)

Everything Else

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